CARES ACT 2020 and Tax Law


Hope you are well during the coronavirus quarantine. I wanted to provide some insight into the CARES Act of 2020 that pertains to tax law. This is a quick note to make sure you do not forget about your tax burden while secluded. The CARES act may provide up to a 5 year look back on your taxes to find any deductions or credits that may be applicable today. This has resulted in 100’s and 1000’s in refunded money back for some of our clients.

This service is a free 2nd opinion review of your last tax filing and profit/loss statement by a tax attorney. They provide guidance on where and how to save on your federal tax liability. Our typical client finds a 30% less tax burden after review.

If interested, submit a contact form to me and I’ll get it to our tax attorney group to reach out to you.

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