Breaking open the Silo that is your Business

An MBC consultation encompasses many facets of business and offers an outsiders point of view on your business infrastructure. This can provide many avenues of change and growth for your endeavors to build a growth oriented company. Silos in business are typically necessary. They provide department structure (sales, finance, installation, distribution). But the silo I am talking about is the core one that many business owners have put themselves in naturally by using the same methods they created when starting the business and have taught employees the same methods over the years. This can tend to stagnate a business’s growth over time due to having a perspective of this process worked then, it should work now.

The method needs to be refreshed from time to time to bring about the change needed to make a business grow again, or perhaps realigned to take away major pain points. When is a change needed? Can you look at your P&L from year to year and see income growth or do you see mainly growing expenses? Do your employees complain constantly about other departments not carrying their weight and following through? Have your customers let you know either vocally or thru their wallet that there is a problem? Are several people in the organization trained to provide the same function but none of them do it waiting for someone else to do it? Do you have the proper documentation and processes or are you winging it based on how it has always been done? Do you pull your hair out trying to increase sales of your sales team?

All of these can be signs of needing some outside perspective on the business.

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