BTC Retail X

Accept cryptocurrency in your brick and mortar retail shop (alongside your credit cards and cash) integrated into your point of sale or accounting system.

Integrated Payments via:

  • WooCommerce Online Shopping Cart + POS
  • QuickBooks Online
  • OpenSourcePOS
  • UnicentaPOS
  • Dejavoo Credit Card Integration
  • Ask us and we can integrate with your system

Our WooCommerce solution is a blend of its online shopping cart with a point of sale plug-in that allows for standard credit card processing and crypto payments seamlessly both on the web and in-store.

Our QuickBooks solution uses a 3rd party credit card payments integration with a crypto payments button. You can use any credit card payments provider AND accept bitcoin or cryptocurrency of your choice.

For crypto payments, we use a variety of integrations including:

  • BTCPay Server – a self-hosted solution with minimal ongoing costs compared to most solutions. Funds stay in Bitcoin with you controlling transfers to your wallet. Server stays on site and integrates s crypto payment button in your point of sale or accounting system.
  • Open Node – a 3rd party hosted solution with ongoing transaction costs that are based on whether you transfer immediately (fees apply) or weekly (no fee) to a wallet; as well as the added function of exchanging crypto into fiat dollars (fees apply).
How Crypto Payments Work

Consulting Services

Contact our team to get started on taking crypto as an integrated payment method in your point of sale system.