MBC Consulting – Technology and Business Consulting

MBC consults with businesses to provide start-up steps and business plans, process review and implementation, point of sale and accounting solutions, cryptocurrency and blockchain consulting, IT security and data protection, website creation and integration, and a 3rd-party unbiased review of your business.

MBC works with bitcoin and lightning network projects to bring blockchain technology to the real world. We provide managed and self-managed solutions incorporating security, efficiency, and integrity. Do you need a payments integration for bitcoin/lightning into your current platform? We can do it with experienced DevOps coders.

Morton Business Consulting can provide business consulting to review processes, create plans of action (new business plans and reviews), and provide unbiased consulting to strengthen your business model and provide concrete solutions to help your company grow successfully. Doug has 20 years of consulting experience to help your business become efficient, increase productivity and grow your bottom line.

A business review starts with MBC reviewing your business model from the top down to custom tailor a solution. We review every aspect of your business, from customer service to accounting, from processes to management style, from employee roles to vendor costs, from banking and payroll to reviewing and building sales channels.

It is an in-depth review of your business to provide a specialized path to super-charge your business.

Why do this?

As a business owner, are you working 80 hours a week and not getting any free time for your family?
Do you have concerns that you should be making a lot more money but can’t pinpoint exactly where it all goes?
Are you starting a business and need a business plan or questions answered about the process and navigating the process in your jurisdiction?
Do you need to shake up the business model to find new sales?
Are your employees complacent and not helping the business be dynamic and vibrant?
Do you want to sell the business for maximum profit?
Are you concerned about business continuity and what will happen if you die unexpectedly?

MBC can help with all of this.

Contact: 843-936-0632 | doug@mortonsc.com

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