MSICRM – A CRM for the Insurance Industry

A client of MBC needed a CRM for his insurance business. A CRM is a Customer Relationship Manager – a system to track leads, clients, applications, customer contacts, store documents, and much more… He searched around and found that a lot of CRM’s were either VERY expensive ($50/user per month or higher) or just not built for the individual insurance agent or small insurance agency.

The expensive CRM’s were only feasible for use by large agencies as they are expensive on a per-user basis but they had every bell and whistle known to justify the expense (or not depending on how you looked a it). That’s fine if you have a big budget. But not for the small agency or independent agent.

The free CRM’s weren’t customized for the insurance industry nor for the individual agent and took a lot of work and expense to create something that could work for an agent.

MBC has a CRM that works for the the individual agent AND small to medium insurance agency: MBC’s MSICRM. Out of the box, it is built for the life and health insurance agent and the cost is low on a per user per month basis.

Features of MSICRM:

  • Track Leads, Clients, and Applications
  • Track all Communication (email, phone, text)
  • Insert Leads via import, manually and via API
  • API can insert lead images such as postcards responses
  • Dial Leads via Click To Call from web browser
  • Send Text and Email right from Lead and Client List
  • In-depth Reports
  • Scalable from 1 to 250+ Users
  • Cloud based for Data BackUp and Admin Ease of Use

Images of MSICRM Functions:

msicrm homepage view
MSICRM Home View
MSICRM Leads List View
Leads List View
MSICRM Client Detail View
Client Detail View
MSICRM Application List View
Application List View
MSICRM Application Detail View
Application Detail View
MSICRM Report View
Report View

Our pricing is straight-forward. It is based on number of users.

  • 1-5 Users : $18 per user per month
  • 6-29 Users : $16 per user per month
  • 30+ Users : $14 per user per month
  • $150 setup fee
  • 10% off for a one year prepaid subscription
  • API Integration is $100 flat rate per connection
  • That’s it!

To purchase and see videos of the product, go to the

To schedule a demo, please call 843-936-0632 or email:


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